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Leaks are not something to mess with if you own a pool in Hollywood, Florida. All it takes is one small leak to lose a large amount of water. Don’t waste time, call Florida Leak Locators and get to the bottom of the issue.

What Causes Leaks In Hollywood POOLS & SPAS?

While your water level will naturally vary, a quick shift in water levels indicates that you likely have a leak in your pool. Especially if your pool loses more than a ¼ inch daily.

Common problem areas that contribute to a leak include:

  • Pool or spa has a cracked or broken return line
  • Broken vacuum line
  • Main Drain in pool or spa leaking around mud ring or the line is broken
  • Skimmer has a hole, crack, broken line, or is pulling away from the pool shell
  • Pool or Spa light conduit is broken or mud ring is leaking
  • Leak around pool fittings
  • Spa jet-line broken
  • Structural or Beam cracks

These are just a few of the many situations that might require the help of professional pool leak detection experts in Hollywood. However, the most common signal of your pool springing a leak is a high water bill. Call us right away so we can diagnose the situation and provide the proper repair.

How Are Pool Leaks Repaired?

How your pool leak is repaired will depend heavily on how it sprung a leak. Our repair team will inspect your pool and use our extensive knowledge to track down and locate the leak.

Common leak repairs include:

  • Fittings Leak: Leaks near the pool’s lights, faceplates, or jets can usually be temporarily patched by applying a two-part pool epoxy
  • Plumbing Leaks: These can be cracked or broken underground pipes located outside the pool shell. This requires a licensed contractor such as Florida Leak Locators, who is experienced in pinpointing leaks and pool repair, so you get it fixed properly the first time. Sometimes, the only option is to dig around the pool’s foundation to replace the section of broken pipe.
  • Main Drain Leaks: Many leaks in a pool’s main drain are located in the sump itself. Applying a temporary epoxy patch can stop the leak and a more permanent repair can be done in the near future. However, if you have a broken main drain pipe many times you can plug it and turn it off at the equipment side to prevent further leaking while waiting for the repair
  • Skimmer Leak: This may be patched with epoxy for a temporary fix until the skimmer can be replaced

Due to the variety of origins, you need a skilled team like Florida Leak Locators to get out to your home and correctly diagnose the issue.

Commercial Pool or Spa Leak Repair in Hollywood

In addition to offering residential pool leak support, Florida Leak Locators is proud to offer commercial pool and spa leak repair services to business owners too. We ensure your pools and spas remain accessible and in the best shape for your customers. If you are experiencing issues with pool leaks at your commercial property, call us right away.

How Do We Test for Pool Leaks in Hollywood?

The bucket test is just one of the ways we can test for leaks in your Hollywood pool or spa.

Hollywood Pool Leak Detection

How Do I Find A Pool Leak Detection Service Near Me?

A pool is an investment. Therefore, you want to choose a pool leak detection service that appreciates the value of your pool. The team at Florida Leak Locators has local roots and appreciates our customers in Hollywood. As a locally-owned and operated family business, we treat every client like they are our neighbor.

Florida Leak Locators is also fully bonded, insured, and licensed. Contact us today to schedule a leak detection and repair service in Hollywood.

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