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If you suspect a pool or spa leak in Bal Harbour, don’t wait to get it repaired. Contact the pool leak detection experts at Florida Leak Locators for quick service that can save you a lot of hassle and money on your water bills. We service residential and commercial pools in the area, and we’re ready to help anytime.

What Causes Leaks In Bal Harbour POOLS & SPAS?

It’s normal for a pool or spa to lose minimal amounts of water due to evaporation. However, if you notice a sudden drop in your water levels and a spike in your water bill, you’ve got a leak on your hands.

There can be numerous reasons for pool leaks. Some of the most common include:

  • PMud ring leaks
  • Pool fittings leaks
  • Cracked or broken return lines
  • Skimmer issues like a hole, crack, or broken line or the skimmer pulling apart from the pool shell
  • Broken light conduits and broken spa jet lines
  • Beam or structural cracks

Be mindful of these potential problem areas. If ignored, these can lead to expensive issues and repairs. Be sure to call Florida Leak Locators as soon as you notice any of these issues with your pool or spa.

How Are Pool Leaks Repaired?

At Florida Leak Locators, our technicians inspect your pool or spa to determine the root cause of the leak. Once we know the severity of the leak, we create an estimate for repairing it.

Common pool leak repairs are:

  • Fittings Leak: Leaks near the pool’s lights, faceplates, or jets can usually be temporarily patched by applying a two-part pool epoxy
  • Plumbing Leaks: These can be cracked or broken underground pipes located outside the pool shell. This requires a licensed contractor such as Florida Leak Locators, who is experienced in pinpointing leaks and pool repair, so you get it fixed properly the first time. Sometimes, the only option is to dig around the pool’s foundation to replace the section of broken pipe.
  • Main Drain Leaks: Many leaks in a pool’s main drain are located in the sump itself. Applying a temporary epoxy patch can stop the leak and a more permanent repair can be done in the near future. However, if you have a broken main drain pipe many times you can plug it and turn it off at the equipment side to prevent further leaking while waiting for the repair
  • Skimmer Leak: This may be patched with epoxy for a temporary fix until the skimmer can be replaced


Commercial Pool or Spa Leak Repair in Bal Harbour

Our team also offers commercial pool and spa leak repair services to business owners in Bal Harbour. We know that a closed pool can lead to negative customer satisfaction, something all business owners try to avoid. We provide prompt and expert service to help keep your amenities open and your customers happy. Plus, your organization will avoid costly water bills. Call Florida Leak Locators as soon as you notice pool and spa leaks at your business.
Bal Harbour Pool Leak Detection

How Do I Find A Pool Leak Detection Service Near Me?

If you’ve been searching for a pool leak detection service in Bal Harbour, look no further than Florida Leak Locators. We’re a local, family-run business with technicians who have over 50 years of combined experience in pool and spa leak detection and repair. We’re also licensed, bonded, and insured. Contact us today for help with your pool or spa.

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