Pool Leak Detection Experts in Manalapan, Florida

Leaks can cause massive water loss in a very short timeframe. Thus, if you suspect you have one, you must call Florida Leak Locators immediately. Our team of experienced pool leak detection experts will quickly locate and repair your Manalapan, Florida pool or spa.

What Causes Leaks In Manalapan POOLS & SPAS?

There are a number of reasons why a pool or spa may start to leak. Most commonly, the leak is related to the pools equipment.

Some of the most common causes of pool leaks include:

  • Leaks near fittings such as faceplates, lights, or spa jets
  • Broken line or hole in skimmer
  • Broken return line
  • Structural cracks
  • Main drain leaks around mud ring

Left unreapired, these problem areas will turn into a dramatic increase in your bills. As soon as you suspect a leak, call the experts at Florida Leak locators.

How Are Leaks Repaired?

The location and cause of the pool or spa leak play a significant role in the repair process. Some leaks can be fixed with an epoxy patch, while others require more extensive repair. Once we detect any and all leaks in your pool or spa, we’ll come up with the right repairs.

Common leak repairs in include:

  • Fittings Leak: Leaks near the pool’s lights, faceplates, or jets can usually be temporarily patched by applying a two-part pool epoxy
  • Plumbing Leaks: These can be cracked or broken underground pipes located outside the pool shell. This requires a licensed contractor such as Florida Leak Locators, who is experienced in pinpointing leaks and pool repair, so you get it fixed properly the first time. Sometimes, the only option is to dig around the pool’s foundation to replace the section of broken pipe.
  • Main Drain Leaks: Many leaks in a pool’s main drain are located in the sump itself. Applying a temporary epoxy patch can stop the leak and a more permanent repair can be done in the near future. However, if you have a broken main drain pipe many times you can plug it and turn it off at the equipment side to prevent further leaking while waiting for the repair
  • Skimmer Leak: This may be patched with epoxy for a temporary fix until the skimmer can be replaced


Commercial Pool & Spa Leak Repair in Manalapan

Commercial property owners are responsible for ensuring their pools or spas are always accessible and safe. These items are considered amenities and can result in poor customer satisfaction if not operable. Even more concerning, pools and spas must always be safe to use, or your business will be liable. Florida Leak Locators will quickly get to the bottom of your leaks and ensure your pools and spas are ready to use.

Manalapan Pool Leak Detection

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