Pool Leak Detection Experts in Palm Springs, Florida

The warm, sunny weather of Palm Springs makes pool ownership popular among residential and commercial property owners, but pools require constant attention. If you notice rising water bills, there is a good chance you have a pool leak and it should be remedied as quickly as possible. Call Florida Leak Locators to find and fix your pool and spa leaks.

What Causes Leaks In Palm Springs POOLS & SPAS?

Leaks can be caused by a number of things, but most issues are related to the pool’s plumbing. Leaks often pop up near fixtures and faceplates, and you may also notice them due to a loss of more than a quarter inch of water in 24 hours.

Common things we see when it comes to pool leaks:

  • Pool lights leaking
  • Broken return line
  • Skimmer box issues
  • Broken main drains
  • Broken vacuum line
  • Leak near pool fittings

We’ll thoroughly inspect for leaks and then determine the repairs needed so you can avoid a dramatic increase in your water bill. Call us as soon as you suspect a leak.

How Are Leaks Repaired?

Not all leaks are repaired the same way, so you need a professional leak detection team in Palm Springs, Florida, to solve your pool issues. There are a suite of temporary and permanent solutions designed to help your pool stay operational, and Florida Leak Locators is trained to offer all of them. Our main goal is to keep your pool or spa operational, and we do that by combining our expertise and experience to locate and repair leaks.

Some standard repairs include:

  • Fixing skimmer leaks temporarily with epoxy until the skimmer can be fully replaced, therefore eliminating the leak.
  • Addressing fixture leaks using a two-part pool epoxy on leaks near faceplates, pool lights, or spa jets.
  • Placing an epoxy patch near any main drain leaks in the sump until the main drain pipe can be properly repaired or replaced.


Commercial Pool & Spa Leak Repair in Palm Springs

While all pool leaks can be concerning, commercial pool leaks can be especially damaging. When there is a leak in the pool or spa on your commercial property, you will have to close down an amenity that customers expect to use. This can reduce customer satisfaction and hurt your overall reputation. You may also notice higher operational costs as a result of a leak. Florida Leak Locators can help minimize this damage by offering prompt leak detection and repair services.
Palm Springs Pool Leak Detection

How Do I Find a Pool Leak Detection Service Near Me?

The best pool leak detection companies in Palm Springs stand behind their work, something the team at Florida Leak Locators is proud to do. Our team of experienced leak technicians have over 50 years of combined experience, which means we know how to find and repair pretty much any leak. Locally owned, we take great pride in helping our Palm Springs neighbors. And as a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company, we are ready to deliver professional services to commercial and residential pool owners.

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