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One pool leak can cause a lot of problems and hundreds of dollars of extra expenses, which is why you need pool leak detection experts in Delray Beach, Florida. Florida Leak Locators has the experience and knowledge to quickly detect and repair pool leaks and prevent future issues.

What Causes Leaks In Delray Beach POOLS & SPAS?

While you should naturally expect your pool to lose some water due to evaporation and splashing, natural water loss should be negligible. If you notice that your pool or spa is losing more than two to three inches in a week, you have a problem on your hands.

Common contributors to a pool leak include:

  • Soil shifting leading to foundation cracks
  • Broken vacuum line
  • Main drain issues
  • Hole, crack, or broken skimmer box
  • Leaks near spa or pool fittings
  • Broken spa jet-line

However, if you notice a big jump in your water bill, it likely means you’ve sprung a leak. Give us a call as soon as you notice this and we’ll find where the leak is coming from.

How Are Leaks Repaired?

Every leak has to be repaired on an individual basis since the cause of the leak heavily determines the appropriate repair measures. Florida Leak Locators will identify any leaks and then provide appropriate repair measures to restore your pool or spa quickly.

Below are common repairs we make:

  • Fittings Leak: Leaks near the pool’s lights, faceplates, or jets can usually be temporarily patched by applying a two-part pool epoxy
  • Plumbing Leaks: These can be cracked or broken underground pipes located outside the pool shell. This requires a licensed contractor such as Florida Leak Locators, who is experienced in pinpointing leaks and pool repair, so you get it fixed properly the first time. Sometimes, the only option is to dig around the pool’s foundation to replace the section of broken pipe.
  • Main Drain Leaks: Many leaks in a pool’s main drain are located in the sump itself. Applying a temporary epoxy patch can stop the leak and a more permanent repair can be done in the near future. However, if you have a broken main drain pipe many times you can plug it and turn it off at the equipment side to prevent further leaking while waiting for the repair
  • Skimmer Leak: This may be patched with epoxy for a temporary fix until the skimmer can be replaced

Commercial Pool & Spa Leak Repair in Delray Beach

Commercial property owners depend on their pools and spas to keep customers happy. Therefore, in order to fulfill your promise to clients, you need to make sure all amenities are accessible at all times. The team at Florida Leak Locators understands that, which is why we offer prompt commercial pool and spa leak detection services. Call us as soon as you suspect a leak in the pools and spas at your business.


The bucket test is just one of the ways you can test for leaks in your Delray Beach pool or spa.

Delray Beach Pool Leak Detection

How Do I Find a Pool Leak Detection Service Near Me?

If you have been searching for a pool leak detection service in Delray Beach, you’ve found the right service. With over 50 years of experience, Florida Leak Locators is ready to take on the challenge of your pool or spa leak. We are locally-owned and family-run, with plenty of experience to detect and fix common pool leaks. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can rest assured your pool will remain safe in our hands. Contact us today.

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